What is Singapore Pools?

Singapore is a country recognized for many things, including its citizens’ love for sports. And football is arguably the most popular sport that the majority of Singaporeans enjoy. The country loves the sport so much that it owns a professional football league known as the Singapore Premier League. But aside from sports, gambling is also one pastime that many Singaporeans also enjoy. And what’s better than mixing these two? 

That being said, sports betting has become popular in the country. Many sports bettors frequent Singapore pools soccer fixtures to see which events are being offered. Furthermore, bettors are also taking advantage of any SG pools soccer odds are offered. 

Singapore Pools is a state-owned lottery subsidiary company and is currently the only legal gambling avenue that offers sports betting options in Singapore. This plays a significant role in combatting illegal betting in the country. At the same time, Singapore Pools also provide a much safer, legal, and trusted gambling avenue for people who enjoy this activity.

Although this may be good news for some, it also has several downsides. Singapore Pools only offer a limited number of games and sports. And some bettors might find this lackluster as compared to foreign sportsbooks. The Singapore Pools only offer football, horse racing, and motor racing bets, while foreign sportsbooks usually provide a wider variety of sports and games.

Moreover, many sports bettors choose to place their bets on foreign sportsbooks because it usually has more advantages. For instance, bettors who are only 18-years-old are not allowed to bet in Singapore Pools until they are 21, which is not the case for foreign sportsbooks. Additionally, foreign sportsbooks offer more enticing deals and promotions.

This is just the tip of what you need to know about Singapore Pools. If by any chance, you grow more curious and desire to learn more about it, you can check this informative infographic created by CM2Bet. 



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