Know the odds in the game of criss cross poker to gain advantage

The purpose of Criss Cross card Poker is for the player to make a pair of 6s or better by sliding their two hole cards across and down independently while using the community cards. The 5 Card Bonus bet wins with a pair of 6s or better using only the five communal cards.

Know the rules 

Criss Cross Poker is a card game where participants play with a standard 52-card deck. First, each player must place two equal-value ante bets, one for a down hand and the other for an across the hand. The player may also be eligible for a five-card bonus.

The dealer will deal the five community cards face down in a cross shape. After that, each player is given two face-down cards. Players are permitted to examine their cards.

Each participant has the option of betting “Across” and foregoing the ante bets. These “Across” bets must be 1 to 3 times the ante bet. After each player has placed an “Across” wager, the dealer will turn over the two outer cards.

Each player is given the choice of betting “Down” or forfeiting all prior bets by the dealer. The “Down” wager must equal or exceed their ante wager. After each player has placed the “Down” stake, the dealer will flip over the two outer cards on the vertical line of the cross.

Each player has the choice of putting the “Middle” wager or forfeiting all prior bets, as determined by the dealer. The “Middle” stake must be equal to or more than their ante bet. After each player has deposited the “Middle” bet, the dealer will turn over the middle card on the cross.

After this, the dealer exposes the player’s cards. With their two cards plus the three cards on the cross’s horizontal line, the player produces an Across hand, and with their two cards plus the three cards on the cross’s vertical line, the player forms a Down hand.

The paytable establishes the value of winning across and down hands. If either the across or Down bets are winners, the Middle Bet is paid at the odds of the highest-ranked hand. If the across Bet is a push and the Down Bet loses, the Middle Bet is also a push, and if the across Bet loses and the Down Bet loses, the Middle Bet is also a push. If both the across and down bets are pushed, the Middle Bet is likewise a push. The Middle Bet is only lost if both the across and down bets fail.

The two ante bets are paid even money on qualifying hands for their respective hands. Any bet that has been paid qualifies as a qualifying hand (pair of Jacks or Better). When a pair of 6s through 10s is dealt with, the ante bets are forfeited, and all other outcomes result in a push.

Strategy Tips 

First, on the Across, Down, or Middle bets, the 2x bet amount should never be available. If you want to keep playing, you should always bet 1x or 3x or fold.

If your two hole cards are unsuited and unpaired, and the highest is five or below, you should fold the Across Bet. Only make the 3x maximum Across Bet if you have a suited Q J or any pair. All other hole cards should be used to make the 1x Across Bet.

Use the same basic criteria as the Across Bet for the Down Bet while accounting for the newly revealed cards. If these cards assist you in improving your hand or giving it a chance to develop, you should raise the maximum.

This brings our look at criss cross poker and criss cross poker odds to a close. If you make a solid hand, you’ll either push or win even money on your Ante wager (anything higher than one set of 6s). Reliable hands increase the paytable by raising the winnings on the Across, Down, and Middle bets. Why wait now that you’ve learned the basics and how to play? The moment has come to begin playing criss cross poker on GetMega.

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